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Mower daily upkeep- help me experts!!!

I would really appreciate expert help here.

I am very handy, but in no way a mechanic. I am not in the "business", either. I have a couple of acre property that I intend to mow myself, and I am in the market for a used walk behind (hydro), or ride on (tiger cub, lazer Z). I was thinking of an exmark turf tracer/ scag.

I think I will probably put less than 50 hours per YEAR on the machine.

I want to take the machine out of my garage once each week, mow, for about an hour, and then put it away.

Here is my question: I want to get a machine with somewhere around 300-500 hours. Am I setting myself up for a huge headache? I see that these are quite complicated machines there is hydro fluid, belts to tension, spots to grease, blades to sharpen etc. I would have no problem doing those things myself, but I dont think I will know what to do with nobody to teach me. I dont have the money for a new machine, so I cannot do that.

do most of you guys tinker with the mower daily? if I picked up a machine with 1000 hours is that a guarantee that I will be forever fixing /maintaining it? keep in mind, I dont even have a trailer to get the thing to the shop! I want something as easy to keep running as humanly possible.

Suggestions please????? new mower and bite the bullet???? less than XXX hours before the shi_ hits the fan???? what can you tell me, please


Thanks in advance

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