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Probably my primary complaint about homeowners using commercial machines is they fail to grease the zerk points often and liberally,
my secondary complaint would be about how they sharpen the blades and fail to keep up with the stuff that wears however the
greasing is by far the more serious as everything else can be attributed to inexperience and as a rule is inexpensive to fix,
but as for daily..?

Yes, they do require a LOT more maintenance than a regular mower, that much I'll give.
But it's one thing if you start a mower at 9am and run it non-stop until 5p, at that point your machine would need maintenance.

But two acres is hardly 2-3 hours of use, generally I let mine go 8 hours between spells,
to keep track I usually do mine every tank full of gas (which is about every 8 hours).
So you can probably mow your yard twice before it needs fuel, at which point I would re-grease ALL zerk points
and remove and sharpen and re-install all the blades.
Then, add fuel, fill her up.

Beyond that whatever you buy you'll still need the owner's manual, once you
have this you read it, then you do what it says.

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