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Originally Posted by Rich1101 View Post
Here is my question: I want to get a machine with somewhere around 300-500 hours. Am I setting myself up for a huge headache? I see that these are quite complicated machines there is hydro fluid, belts to tension, spots to grease, blades to sharpen etc. I would have no problem doing those things myself, but I dont think I will know what to do with nobody to teach me. I dont have the money for a new machine, so I cannot do that.

do most of you guys tinker with the mower daily? if I picked up a machine with 1000 hours is that a guarantee that I will be forever fixing /maintaining it? keep in mind, I dont even have a trailer to get the thing to the shop! I want something as easy to keep running as humanly possible.
The condition of used mowers is highly dependant on how it is has been treated. Outward appearance only goes so far in determining how it has been maintained. Like Dr. House says "Everybody lies".

There is nothing wrong with buying a mower that has 500 or even 1,000 hours on it. If properly maintained and not abused a mower with 1,000 hours on it has a whole lot of hours left in it. In the case of a quality ZTR you can easily expect to get another thousand, maybe 2,000 out of it.

Your best bet for finding a mower that you know has been well cared for is this. Find a homeowner that has all of his receipts from where he took the mower to the dealer for everything. An older solo op. LCO is also a good choice. I'd tend to stay away from mowers that have had muiple operators using it. When the cat's away the mice will play. In other words, when the boss isn't looking is a good time to see if we can pull wheelies. You Tube has video to prove this.

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