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Originally Posted by Rich1101 View Post
the problem seems to be :NOBODY WANTS TO SELL A GOOD MOWER. dont blame them.

thanks for all the help

They are out there, you just have to be patient. You need to look for someone like myself that mows commercially, but replaces machines to keep them under warranty instead of waiting until they develop severe issues. Homeowners are a good bet also, but the number who buy commercial grade equipment then for some reason sell, is probably very few.

One thing you might do is go to some local dealers and tell them exactly what you are looking for, and what price range you need to stay in. Ask them to contact you ASAP if something in that range is traded in, and if it suits you, you'll buy it on the spot. I know my dealer keeps such a list, because when I was first starting in the lawn business, I inquired about good, used machines. He said he occasionally gets one in, but he has a list of people to call first and give them a chance to purchase.

Also, timing could be important. The holiday season and the extra expenses it brings, plus the simple fact there is little work for a mower in mid-winter, means you might run across a bargain in the next few months by watching things like Craig's list. Just make sure you verify ownership and condition. Good luck.
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