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it really depends on what is being sold. I have seen machines I would have taken sell for up to2/3 of the cost of a new machine For me, the highter the number, the newer the machine and lower the hours, and better chance for delivery to me

I have the money for a new machine. if I wanted- I just dont think that is a good investment for me at this time.

again, have anything?

If you walk into a jewelry store to sell your diamond, and the jewler says "what do you want for the ring" you should RUN.

If someone has something to sell, than list it, name your price, and see if there are any takers. If someone is thinking they will sell their used machine for 6,000--- than someone better sell that machine to someone other than me, because no matter what the quality I am not biting. I do not need a demo with 6 hours. We both know what a scag/TT or TTHP with 300-600 hours should cost. It is just a matter of how high I will go at this time of the year, and where the seller will meet me.

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