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Sure you can get the serial #, call the police,the FBI etc. It's a used lawn mower. Maybe I'm venting a bit. I turn over equipment at less than 2 yrs to keep everything in warranty. Needless to say I sell a lot of almost new, very nice stuff. I'm also a maintenance fanatic. The stuff always goes fast at a fair price but honestly Homeowners drive me nuts (the tire kicking, the crazy ?'s, returning stuff a week later, the himming and hawing etc. Never a problem with someone in the industry (a pro). Homeowners should really stick to new stuff. Also they can't recognize a slickster when they see one. There are so many unethical sellers out there. Go to a shop get a warranty and be happy.:drinkup
PS there is a good dealer in your area w/good prices call him 845-356-3330 Pomona Mower
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