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Originally Posted by firefighter38310 View Post
I have 11 residential yards, 2 churches and 2 commercial. This year I only lost one customer; she told me her 15 y/o son was going to get off his butt and mow the lawn. I didnít grow any this last year but like most the economy is bad here. I could handle more but I insist on quality and I also work as a firefighter and part time ER Nurse. I plan to increase business some next year by some advertising and I already have few hits now. I donít do the volume most of you do in here but I really love being outside and landscaping is a huge stress release for me. I do have the same stress as any small business and I deal with the heat and drought but I am not in a building firefighting and not at a wreck scene or the busy trauma center.
All jobs have their stressosr.
I'll be sending you a PM about the fire dept. there in Adamsville. (In EMT school here in Memphis.)

Originally Posted by JDKSERVLLC View Post
I mow 35 residential accounts and 1 commercial weekly this year. Last year I was at 18 residential and 1 commercial weekly and about 100 bank owned per week. I thought last year that bank owned properties were great revenue, and it was, until I realized that the revenue wasn't worth the wear and tear on the equipment and the potential for equipment failure that jeopardized my own 18/1 from being done that week. After dealing with that situation a couple times we made a business decision to get out of that market and focus on building our own portfolio. We still provide the occasional P&P or REO service to the foreclosure market but no more grass cutting. This year we were blessed with more landscaping projects that helped off-set the revenue loss from the year prier and itsí really been a great year!!
I see you literally double your business size in a season like me. I went from 3-25 this season. I was just going to see what your key ingredient was to doubling up. For me, it was 80% who I know/word of mouth, and 20% flyers
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