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Originally Posted by JDKSERVLLC View Post
SPride, I added to my base using a multitude of marketing campaigns. Craigslist, flyering, mailers, word of mouth, a networking organization, and referrals brought us all our new clients. Iím learning about the power of networking and let me tell you, nothing brings in more opportunity than this. Itís a big commitment but the potential for new business is huge!!
I have used literally all of the same marketing strategies, and networking, word of mouth, and who you know bring opportunities like NO other. I was lucky enough to know enough people to get a good customer base. Somehow have to keep that going. It works so well it almost completely discourages me from flyers. I'll do craigslist but post it for my immediate town, Cordova. So if I do get a call I know that person is relatively close and worth answering.

Most of my networking is done through my parents friends. Middle aged people of course. Gotta keep churnin' that pot.
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