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I went in for a new blower because I was tired of my little Stihl br340.
I had no idea of the PB770 model. I just kept being persistant about the large properties that were loaded with leaves. I told him several times give me the most CFM blower you have. All they had on display were the Sthil BR600 and Echo PB755.

After a few miniutes of talking, and me yaking about the amount of leaves he said....well we have one PB770. He had to dig it out from the bottom of the Boxes with the 755's on top. I think they were hiding it to push the 755's out.

Love the cold weather starts with the 770. 2 pulls without priming and it's fired up and ready. No more warm up is needed. The straps are way comfortable and carries nice. The tube is short enough that sitting in the bed of a truck takes alot less space.
I'd say with the versatility of the 770 you can leave the 9hp walkbehind blower at home. It moves leaves fast. For leaves, wether their ground up wet or dry it takes no time to move with this blower. I can't waite for next summer to blow grass clippings, I'm sure it will blow them 3 doors down. And for snow, it just may replace the snow shovel.

{the grandkids loved the moster piles of leaves it made in no time,
dirt boogers were no fun to clean up later though....}
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