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I am not trying to bash, but I will share with you my experience.
This past spring, I got an opportunity to demo a few machines one of which was a SR80. I had it for a couple of days @ a job site.
First off, It drove really nice and had moderate power.
Other than that, It wasn't the machine for me. I had about 90 yards of fill to
spread out. It did not have the guts to spread out anything. Once the top sprocket filled up with mud, it didn't want to move.+ it was a pain in the a**
to clean out. Then it started to smoke near
the undercarriage.
Next day, I found a puddle of hydro oil leaking from the undercarriage.
Took it in, and the mechanic said that this is a common problem.
Basically the hydro seal deteriorates. Mind you, it had only 134 hours of use.
I really do think that these machines excel well in spreading "screen dirt"
and "snow removal" that's it.
BTW I did not buy the machine. I bought another brand and I have never been happier.
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