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...schedule of rates and where my brain is at for now...

$3.00 per square foot? But isn't the $ 30 for 10,000 sqft. including a chunk for transportation and to unload/load equipment?

I'm totally new at this, but I'm struggling to get a guideline formula.

I'm thinking the increase of sq. footage should discount for the fact that I am remaining at one location; i.e., charge $30 for first 10,000, then apply a rate for every 1,000 sqft after that.

for example, 20,000 sqft:

first 10,000 = 30.00
additional 10,000 @ 1.50/sqft = 15.00

Of course, my numbers are just for example. I'm trying to figure this out.

The formula I'm playing actually starts @ $25 for up to 5,000 sqft.

Ideally, I think a rate schedule should have a higher sqft rate up to one half acre, and then a better discounted rate for sqft from 1/2 to 1 acre plus.

So I might figure $25 for first 5,000, plus 1.50 sqft for up to 1/2 acre, then 1.25 for sqft after that.

But this seems crazy. Maybe I should just find out going rates in my area, figure a 1/4, 1/2, and 1 acre guideline rate, and then walk the property and go from there.


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