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Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post
How is the cold weather starting on the 770? I have pb-255 handheld and it is the most cold blooded echo I own. Also hard to start in very warm weather. I mix 50% 87 oct 100% gas with 50% E10 91 octane so I can get reduced ethanol issues.
Anyhow wanted to use this for snow removal when conditions warrant use of a blower. If it's cold.blooded....??
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I plan on using mine for "some" snow as well.

It was 28 degrees out the other morning.
without took four pulls on choke, and went straight to work with no bog down

My old stihl would have not cranked at that temp.

I used crap oil mixed with 91 octane clear premium non oxygenated fuel.
Now if I can find some good oil and a better plug, I'd be set.

The non oxy fuel was $3.29 pr gallon....I didn't spill a drop.
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