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I understand where your coming from but I have caller ID and an answering service on the cell and besides when I am working I sweat so much I am afraid I'll rune the phone so I leave it in the truck. I just check the missed calls a few times a day and return the calls at my convenience.
This is what I came up with today. I haven't been able to decide if I like the blue sky effect I'M going for. It dose add the contrast that AGG Lawn Maintenance suggested. I'M not sure if this is what he meant though. This one is different. maybe more specific suggestions would help. Heck its just a card maybe I am fretting it to much.LOL.
I'am enjoying this program but I have found some limitations like the panel color effect I wish I could adjust the white blue fade balance on the top panel.
AGG Lawn Maintenance This Coral Draw how much better is it than Photo Shop that I am using do you know? Is it worth that much more money? I spent a little less than a hundred bucks on this one. Thanks to all who have responded. I plan on having a decision on this by the end of the weekend so I can begin the hunt.LOL
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