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Originally Posted by cuttin-to-the-Max View Post
Thats the same way we get our leaves out!
How does your box load?? good?
Im only asking because the discharge pipe is on a slant/slope going down...
Nice set up man!
I really like those trailers with the side ramp! For this reason

I wonder you could have put chains on the end of the gate.....(after you lift the gate like 5in. So its equal with the rest of the trailer)
and extended the box all the way out
to get more room in your box.....

I dont think the cops would mind..... prob would just have to all some more tow lights on the side or somethin.
Worked it for the 1st time today. It loads fine. The only uneven part in the box is right underneath the discharge nozzle. Not a big deal though. Maybe something I can tweak next year.

Your idea with the chains is a pretty good one. I dont know that I want to be that long though. Ive got alot of tight areas I get in and out of. It would give me alot more volume though.

The side ramp is really great. It is nice to have some space to carry a mower or a push blower.

As with all things...its a work in progress but it is getting the job done so far.
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