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Originally Posted by fatboynormmie View Post
Hey Turfcobob what size plugs are you seeing with the machine on average?Does it leave the plug up on top of the lawn and intact?How well does the machine move in transport mode?Will it drive across the lawn up in transport mode or is it traction limited due to weight bias to the rear?Really want to see the video.
The type of plug you see on the surface usually depends on the type of soil you are aerating. Sandy dry soil will give you great holes and lousy plugs. Softer loam soil will give you good holes and so so plugs as the soil does not stick together. The more clay the better looking the plug and the poorer the hole. Dry clay, no hole, no plug buy a drill and drill holes with concrete bit.
Transport is good considering it has a fixed axle in the front. Weight distribution is good as the weights do not hang off the back but are just forward and above the aeration reel. Also the handle design helps alot. You are pushing forward on the speed control which pushes the machine forward and onto the transport tires. Adv. Dept is working on the video as we chat.
Got more questions toss em out here. Turfcobob
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