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very interesting thread! I have had experiences similar to DVS. go out to look at a crack in a patio (concrete work here) because they want an estimate to give to the HOA, and that turns into not only that job, but 3 more in the same complex as well as a large remove and replace for the property management firm. now the firm is continually calling me on other properties that they manage. as well as potential snow removal.

all for a free estimate for the homeowner to use as ammo. i really thought i would never get work out of it. goes to show, you never know.

I do screen a bit on folks character, i had a call to clean some eflo off a crimson wall, after talking to the guy for 5 minutes he told me of his lawsuits.... i mentioned the job to our hardscape mfr rep and he let me know to stay away. gotta think with your kidneys
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