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Not a hardscaper but I have had wayyy too many close-calls in the past to judge anyone by how they look on the surface.

Ive told the stories on here in the past.
I specialize in commercial large sealcoating. But do offer some residential service.

Met a guy at dunkin donuts that looked like he didnt have 2 nickles to rub together and drove a truck that Ive junked better. He asked for a card.

Turned out to be the managing partner of a HUGE medical practice with multiple locations in the area and I ended up with almost 100,000 in work from returning his call.

Many times because of sealcoating someones $150 residential driveway, I have struck gold.

You dont know who is an executive assistant, property manager, or an executive themselves.

Especially in this economy right now. The gravy train of seemingly endless big money jobs has ended.

I used to find residential sealcoating a nuisance. Seriously considered not doing it anymore.

Well, this year, big commercial sealcoating tanked. Property managers are not spending money on their parking lots like years past. So a property that would be $40,000 to sealcoat, this year is opting to just re-stripe for $3,500.

Those $150 residentials really helped out keeping the lights on.
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