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Originally Posted by JimLewis View Post
You pass??? How exactly do you pass without offending the client?
Depends on the situation.
I have met some people who were just plain jerky, expecting me to stop whatever I'm doing and start their project immediately. Those are easy, thank them for their time and suggest they contact your competitor.
If the job is crappy or looks to be nonprofitable, I try to explain the problems that I see.
Others are just unrealistic about the cost. After throwing out a rough estimate those usually take care of themselves.
Over all, I think that people appreciate that I took the time to meet with them and look things over. I don't remember ever parting with anybody on less than civil terms. Seems to me that they would be more offended if I reject them offhand during the first phone conversation. Then they'll run around telling all their friends "he wouldn't even come look at it!"
To be fair, my market is rural with fewer leads, and word of mouth referrals are king here. This makes each potential customer a little more important and worth checking out.
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