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Well, I did start screening our calls this year with a 10-question questionnaire that I had the office staff complete while they were on the phone with the client. Once they completed the form, they emailed it to me. Once I reviewed it, I would reply with one of the following;

1) That's a good lead. Go ahead and book that appointment for me, any time.
2) That's a so-so lead. Might turn out to be a decent job. Go ahead and book it. But I don't want to waste a Saturday or Evening appt. on that one. Daytime appt. only.
3) That's a lead for _______ (one of the other managers in our company). Give it to him. Too small of a job for me to bother with.
4) That doesn't sound like a very good lead. Give them a ball-park bid of $XX per sq. ft. and if that doesn't scare them off, THEN go ahead and book an estimate.
5) That's a crappy lead. Please do not call them back.

I pretty much had to do this because we were just getting WAY too many calls and I was sick of telling people I couldn't even get out to bid their project for over a week, but then I'd show up to an appt. that was a total waste of time. There are certain questions that can help me determine if a lead is a total waste of time before I even go out. So this would allow me to make sure I was spending my time on mostly just good leads.

After I implemented this program, I noticed that the amount of leads that I considered to be a total waste of my time went way down.

'Course we could afford to lose a few. We had a record year. 30% growth. So I could afford to start being more picky.

With this thread, I'm just trying to think of methods that others use to screen leads or calls.
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