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Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post
How is the cold weather starting on the 770? I have pb-255 handheld and it is the most cold blooded echo I own. Also hard to start in very warm weather. I mix 50% 87 oct 100% gas with 50% E10 91 octane so I can get reduced ethanol issues.
Anyhow wanted to use this for snow removal when conditions warrant use of a blower. If it's cold.blooded....??
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Going to answer my own question. Broke down and bought the PB-770T last week. Paid $450 for it before tax with contractor discount of 10% I own the PB-755T that is currently out of commission with a busted recoil return spring [topic for another thread] but the starting ease of this blower is every bit as easy as my 755T which has always been the easiest Echo 2-stoke to start. So no worries on starting in cold weather etc. It's the same engine as on my 755 from what I can tell.

The PB-255 Echo handheld I have is the hardest Echo I own to start kinda of a PITA. Tubes from the 755 do swap out with the 255 which is handy.

Since I had hernia surgery last week of October I've been on light duty and really have not used the 770 much but the volume of airflow is the most noticeable functional difference I can notice up front. It's noticeably lighter than the 755 and more comfortable to wear.

The twist tubes on the new 770 are NOT compatible with the 755 FWIW.
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