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Originally Posted by JD2320 View Post
Lawn Solutions,

How do you come up with your down pressure numbers. I'm no engineer but how do you get 400lbs of DP on a machine that doesn't weigh 400lbs? Wouldn't you need the machine itself to have a balanced weight of more than the down pressure a cylinder can create?

In theory, if the machine weighed less than the DP available, and the soil was dry, wouldnt it lift the machine upwards?
Since you never got an answer, maybe they're re-calculating? I agree, I don't see how a machine can exert more downward pressure than the weight of the machine itself, unless they're referring to a dynamic force as opposed to a static one. Also, even if the machine did weight 400 lbs, all of that force will not be on the tines alone as some of it will be distributed over the tires as well.
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