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Try this with fliers

Go to the area around your current customers or any area you wold like to get some/more work in. Go yourself, go to the door and ring the bell or knock. ( late afternoon works best because you catch more people home)
Introduce yourself and hand them the flier, ask that they keep you in mind for this season(don't be pushy) answer any questions if they have any. Take down their name and address if they ask for a bid (a few will).
If they don't answer the door by the time you have the flier rolled up and ready to attach to the door knob with a rubber band then just hook it to the door and move on
If you see a house you know you don't want , skip it.

This has worked ok for me. The calls I have gotten for bids are from the people I handed the flier to in person. I got a couple from just the filer but more from the personal contact. And Some have asked me to get them a bid when I handed them the flier.

I haven't put out a lot of fliers this way but am taking it one block or neighborhood at a time.

I think the one on one contact is what makes a difference. And they actually seam happy that I am not going to try to sell them something right then and there, just give them my info.

I also return to give them the bid in person. I like to give that personal touch but I have so few accounts right now it isn't tough to do.

Hope that helps.
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