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Why short yourself for the work you do...The customers that dont want to pay for quality lawn care arent worth having anyways. Basically my price is 2.99 for every 1000 sq ft. so for 20 000 sq ft you better believe im getting $60 to cut it....I have some lawns that are $100 cuts....then you dont have to factor in so much for travel/gas unloading time etc etc...those are also numbers that are really out of your control...say your driving from site to site and you hit traffic, is that factored into your price?or you get a flat?or stop for food and a drink?or just a lil extra tired that day so yur moving a lil bit slow?what about if a belt breaks on a machine and your have to spend time fixing it?well while your getting 45 on that 20,000 sq ft lawn im getting 60 for the same cut. Oh and by the way i wont drop the gate for less then $25.

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