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Originally Posted by saw n mow View Post
There were a few minor annoyances for me initially, which after the 3 mows don’t bother me. The choke is not separate from the throttle. Even after the engine is warmed up, I still have to push the throttle to the ‘choke’ position to start the engine (then move it back to the high/full throttle notch). I called BadBoy and they said it might need a throttle adjustment. Another LS member has a MZ48 and his does the same thing. It might just be a Briggs thing…I think the Briggs on my Bolens does the same thing. Other than that, the engine runs great. I’m probably just nit-picking…I still would have bought this mower if I knew about the starting deal.
I called Briggs and they said that pushing the throttle to 'choke' each time for starting (including a warm engine) is normal. Normal with any Briggs with the integrated throttle/choke. Just passing this along. If there is anybody with a Briggs with the same throttle/choke setup that can start their warm engine without pushing the throttle to 'choke', I'd like to hear about it please. Thanks.

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