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New Product called Holganix. Can someone confirm.

The product includes Compost tea (derived from humates,plant compost,sea shells,selected yeasts,algae,mycorrhizae),High Frustose corn syrup 55,Age Old Soluble Mycorrhizae,Mollasses, Yucca,and Tea tree oil.
They say it is compatible with several chemical;s that they mention and tested. It can reduce herbacide rates,reduce fungus and disease naturally,reduce need for lime.
What is different I see is the ability to mix with a chemical program,not so expensive,reduce chemical costs (for example it opens the stomata more so 2-4D can be reduced 15-20% rate,no need to add surfactants) and it probably will help in less fungus problems as well as add microbes to soil.
And then that nitrates and phosphates can be reduced they say up to 90%.
Well,I hope someone more apt can tell if it is a product worth considering. I meet them at the Turf expo in Louisville.Seems like he has put years (26 yrs. if not mistaken in developing it.
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