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But they have nice literature???

If (time may tell) they do work with chemicals it could be a worthy product.
I am settled for now that until the organic side comes out with a better,affordable,practical alternative than corn glutton for a pre-emerge than I will continue to include in my "organic" plus program the chemical prodiamine. I don't think we should so quickly throw out the baby with the bath water.
I have asked some whom I know some of you regard as highly respected organic turf specialists the question,"What harmful effect does Prodiamine have on the soil,environment or people?" and they simply don't have an answer.
As for my lawn,I will be going on my third year in the deep south without chemicals and a practically weed free lawn.(corn glutten and green guardian)
I use a lot of cotton burr compost spread with an earth and turf topdresser on my clients,plus the organic sprays(tea,seaweed,...).
I no longer treat for fungus with fungicides but sucessfully cure rust,brown path and even fairy ring. The exception is for the first time since doing this work (1989) have a yard with Take All Patch and because the quick devastating nature used Headway.
Soo,I hope not everyone comes by only to take a punch at Holganix,although I understand Kiril's point and respect her opinion above most.
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