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Originally Posted by grassman177 View Post
what the hell is that?

you guys have shown some great pics, i dont have any, but have come across a large commerical job i manage that most of the main line pvc solvent welds have been busting as they werent glued, only primed!!!!!!!!!!! i have NO idea how it keeps lasting, but i get a repair job at least once a year on a leak for the system, always find a blown out coupler or tee or 90. of course, it was a trenched job so the main line, wires, and laterals and valves are all on top of each other which makes it very fun to repair and usually have to cut things out of the way to repair the leak, then fix the cut out areas after that. very stupid way of installing
The guy who runs the supply house told me that a couple of guys had put together an entire nursery system using pipe dope then came back and complained that he sold them crappy glue after all the fittings came apart. I guess it pays if you can read in english
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