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TThomass and everyone else on this site: DO NOT USE IB BLADES!! This summer when I returned from vacation, I had a blade on my front door from IB Blades, and a receipt saying paid by credit card. ($159) I had never heard of them and called them the next morning. They said they had no record of the sale so keep the blade as a gift. I asked how did they get my adress and card #? They said no record of the sale so they didnt know. Two weeks later I get my credit card statement and the charge is on there. I call the card company to dispute and they want to go through my purchases after the statement date, which I wouldn't see til the next month. There were cell phone bills paid, utility bills paid, and other personal charges from someone in Florida. (No doubt an employee from IB Blades)I call and raise hell and the owner calls back and said they had some sales people they had to fire who were on crack!! Can you believe this stuff!! I explained that my last purchase of blades was with Sencore 8 months earlier, and I had never heard of IB Blades. He says he thinks maybe an employee came from another blade company and brought my info along to keep my business. He calls about 3 days later and asked if we were planning to have it investigated and prosecute.

We started out using Lattux, then had a guy tell me he was my rep but really he was with Sencore. They all sound the same on the phone, with a strong northern accent, and call from a (561) area code. I told one guy I wasnt buying anything until I got the story on all these companies. He said they all started as Lattux and had a split into several others. I really think they are all together and play us hardscapers. Since that incident, I have also had my company debit card hit, (which I used once with Sencore, and my personal debit card hit, which is with the same bank as my company.) The bank said that one was for a bill in a restaurant for $750 and the other one they had a device that would scramble the screen so the bank can't tell where the charge was only the amount, $1,100. We had a fourth company from the same area code, and the same northern accent call last week and said they had sold us blades this spring. He said he had a card number on file. I flipped out and told him I wanted his name and a copy of the bill from the spring and what I'd been through. He said he'd fax it right to me. never got it and he won't answer my calls. Stay away from these guys, we went a year or so without problems but eventually they will get you.
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