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this is the worst company i have ever dealt with. i had ordered the "assassin" blade, talked the guy down to $59 bucks for that blade, 4 4" angle grinder blades and some shirts. a week later i get just the 14" blade in the mail but realized they had charged me $99 dollars. So i call them and tell them what happened and the are supposed to be sending me the rest of my order plus another assassin blade. well its been two weeks and havent got nothing in the mail so i called them a moment ago, speak to some sales guy that sounds stoned off his a$$, then the manager. He promised he'd get me the rest of my stuff and throw in another blade, but im worried about them charging me more for this.

i would never buy any products from this company. There "assassin" blade, supposed to be the fastest cutting, highest diamond content, etc. is one of the worst blades i have put on my saw. It cuts slow and from what little i have used it, bc i took it off, it seemed to wear rather quickly.
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