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#15 today, small one ( 800 ) but nice simple c9 job on a pretty nice house. I am hoping for 3 new ones tomorrow, I did 9 bids today. The one that closed today actually walked up to the truck as I was bidding two others and bought on the spot.

yard signs are bringing me bids and jobs right now, so if you don't have any out be sure and do that over the next 2 weeks. this is getting to be impulse buy season.

I know that many of you guys are not fan's of yard signs, but I gotta tell you, I cannot fathom doing this business without them.

compare/contrast- I just spent 1000 bucks in postage and addressing to mail 4000 6x 11 postcards. I spent about 8 cents each to print those and get them shipped here from gotprint. so total cost to do one mailing- 1320 bucks. It is insane to think I would get 13 customers from that mailing, which would put it at 100 bucks per customer. likely only 5 or 6 tops. so that costs me about 250 bucks per customer !
but I spent 1000 bucks last year on 250 yard signs, I put out about 50-75 last year as they came fairly late and I am going to put out every last one of the ones left in the next 3 weeks. I am betting that I will generate more customers from signs than postcards, and at half the cost.
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