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Originally Posted by JoyofFluidFilm View Post
Mick , youre funny!

Yes, the new straw holding cap is super duper mighty cool!!!!
Joy, The real funny thing about it, is that I wasn't kidding! As far as I can see, all of the other companies that have straws attached to their spray cans all have a scotch tape holder for their straws. One company does have a permanent straw embedded in their cap, but it's not Fluid Film, so it stays on the shelf at the store.

I would imagine that the new straw cap will attract new customers. To be honest with you, since I've tried and switched to the best anti-rust spray that's on the market, you're stuck with me. I don't care what you include with the can, or don't include. You aren't going to shake off this cowboy.

In all honesty, when I start a new Fluid Film soldier, I seem to loose the cap in the first couple on minutes.

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