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Originally Posted by Graveslawncare View Post
You referred to the stone you used in the driveway as "pavers." Are they the right aspect ratio to be considered pavers? It seems like they would be slabs, unless they are extremely thick. Correct me if I'm wrong, but slabs are generally not encouraged for use in vehicular applications because they distribute weight and interlock differently. You have a lot more experience and knowledge in this area than I do, and I'm sure you have accounted for this, I'm just bringing it up out of curiosity. It looks so good though. Can't wait for jobs like that to come my way
Techo-bloc Blu is really thick stuff, and if I recall correctly they developed the thickest size specifically for use in driveways.
Really nice work, by the way.
You work in some nice neighborhoods, If it weren't for the commute I would consider invading your market.
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