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Originally Posted by WalkGood View Post
If you have to cut a manifold to make repairs, you are working on an idiot's creation. Glued manifolds are made by sissy pikers with no future thought about repairs. Glue? What.... are you working in a nail salon? Threaded connections are how men make MANifolds. It's called a MANifold, not a girlyfold.

And who pays for you deciding to do extra work by splitting up manifolds into separate valve boxes?
i agree, i have a few manifolds that are easy to repair that are threaded and ihave made jsut a select few myself with that in mind!!

who pays, the customer of course. ihave to cut it apart anyhow, it is easier and makes more sense to split it up a bit and put in separate boxes! duH!

i have never had a customer think that was a "bad" idea, they are always thankful when i expalin it to them(if they are there)
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