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Best way to clear dense woods

I have a pretty big clearing job going right now. Its thicket woods. Tough to walk through. Clumps of "brambles"/briars" what ever you want to call it. A zillion saplings, and alot of 6-8 inch trees which is our cut off point. There are bigger trees which we're leaving. Weve been cuting everything at the ground with chainsaws and using a PC40mini X with a thumb to collect/pull it out and pile it. I'll prob have a bigger X get the stups after. We have some pretty huge piles after 2 and a half days of work, 3 guys, so I'd say its going well.

Question is. Is there a faster way. Of course a larger X would be but this one isnt too small.

A mulcher? If we just dropped the 6-8 inch trees I would imagine a CTL mulcher would rip this out significantly faster.

A dozer? With a dozer you could just push it all into a massive pile but you would only be able to burn it to dispose. Burn Ban in NY now. Not that anyone follows it but still. It would also be the least maneuverable thing to use.

So what is the fastest way to do this type of work?
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