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Originally Posted by 4 seasons lawn&land View Post
Im really asking what the fastest way possible is. Ive already sub'd and were half done. I want to not sub at all at some point.
in the future, team up with a brush mulcher type guy. I don't mulch a lot of standing trees rather I work with other tree companies/contractors who do their own clearing. I offer the mulching/chipping solutions and large stump removal and grinding.

You can handle the job and be responsible for all the clearing and clean-up. Down here, you can get a mulcher for a day on a big bobcat for about 1100-1200 for 7 hours of mulching +/-. If the guy has some skills, even with the limited power of a skid steer mulcher, the right technique makes up for it and you will be amazed at how much brush and stumps can be grinded up and mulched or chipped. The disposal, then, is much easier with the 10-1 reduction of mulching trees.

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