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Originally Posted by grassman177 View Post
hey, never participated in your thread, but have looked at it before. i wanted to say nice website. i liked what is showed and what it said. i think you seem to be doing well. what do YOU think has done the best for your company by terms of strategy for growing and bolstering your business. ?
Well thanks for chimming in and Thanks for the nice comments, yeah I was happy with my website but all the pictures etc were from last season I have so many nicer pictures and things to put on there and have been wanting to do it for a while hopefully sometime in december or so I can find time to do that.
I would have to say customer realations, I am actually a rather shy person especially public speaking and being in places where I dont know anyone, but when it comes to buisness I can deal and talk with everyone no problem I dont know why it just is I guess its confidence in being the boss, but anyways I always try to be nice to customers complimenting on things they have had done to their house, wishing them merry christmas, asking how vacation was, thank them for things etc. I also am always on time, return phone calls promptly, and show up. I try to be professional and reliable even though I am young and look younger than I am. I always advertise that I am professional and reliable, I have had many people thank me for showing up returning calls, getting back with estimates, prices, and answers fast and even calling people back saying I casnt do a job its too far etc.I guess i do all this because business is always number one to me I am always thinking business and always get paper work etc done before school work, many people criticize me even family saying I work too much need to get a girlfriend it really gets annoying because most of the time these are the same people that wish they had money and a job they like. My busniess is what makes me happy and I enjoy doing this kind of work I have very high expectations for myself and for buiness down the road

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