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Question about using my Magna-Matic

Hey guys...first I wanted to say I love my Magna-Matic! It has saved me so much money and time already and has given me better sharpened and balanced blade.

I have a couple questions about my sharpening technique though. Sometimes when I'm sharpening my blades the end of the blade will still be kind of dull and a little thicker than the rest of the sharpened blade if that makes sense. Am I pulling the blade away from the grinding wheel too fast or is there another explanation for this? Other times when I am really having to work on a really beat up blade, after a while it tends to leave a rough finish on the sharpened edge...I'm not sure why. I'm sure these are problems with my technique as these problems only happen sometimes. Also how do I know where to start sharpening? I feel like the length of the sharp edges of my blades is getting closer to the center of the blade. And how do I know when a blade is just too used up to sharpen anymore? My last question is how do I know when it is time to change the grinding wheel?

I will be needing to order a new box of wheels and possibly a new work table as I think I might have put the wheel a little too close a few times and worn mine down quite a bit. Do I order this stuff on the website? Sorry for the ridiculous amount of questions. These are just all things I have been meaning to ask about all season just kept forgetting. Finally thought to finally post it today. Thanks in advance for the help!
Bill Depierro
Depierro Lawns Inc.
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