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Originally Posted by Lawn Enforcer View Post
Very well said. It's all about doing what you love, and I've encountered many people that hate what they do for a living, and that's what drags them down in life.
yep dont get me wrong sometimes i have those tough days and soemtimes there are jobs I dont like, but hopefull someday I will have employees to do those lol
Originally Posted by oakwdman View Post
He does have mirrors...
It's just something you give up with any decent sized salter
yes you do give that up but like I mentioned I do look back alot so that will have to change I guess
Originally Posted by 93Chevy View Post
Salter looks good...I assume it's an electric motor? My boss has one that's gas powered...and older stainless sucks. He's actually selling it this year
yeah electric i didnt want to have to worry about gas and a motor
Originally Posted by grassman177 View Post
THat is many of the reasons i LOVE what i do, but it has changed quite some as if you have followed me on here any you know we are growing crazy. we have three full time full maintenance crews, and by the end of 2011 i can assure we are going to have to have another crew.

i am getting some competition here from a guy very much like you and he is great at marketing etc, but i can assure you in quaility he holds nothing on me, and i might add nothing on YOU as well just from the pics along on here.
wow thats alot of mowing I would love just to have an employee or 2 out doing my lawns but I just dont have near enough to do that
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