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Originally Posted by deere615 View Post
I am always thinking business and always get paper work etc done before school work, many people criticize me even family saying I work too much need to get a girlfriend it really gets annoying because most of the time these are the same people that wish they had money and a job they like. My busniess is what makes me happy and I enjoy doing this kind of work I have very high expectations for myself and for buiness down the road
Sounds like me with the whole putting business first, I also am criticized especially by my family and former friends, notice how I said former, because if they're like your friends and complain you work too much yet they hate their jobs & wish they made the money I make, they are not going to be my friends. No point in having people around you that dont support you. I basically said (in a nice way) to the family members that say I work too much to kiss my ass. I dont have a wife or kids or even a gf nor do I find a need at this point in my life (I'm 19) leaving all my time for going to college full time and running my business, racing motocross and hanging out with my friends (most are other landscape contractors) when I get the time on weekends.

I'm with you 110% on enjoying what you do. I tell people I worked a 14 hr day in 90 degree weather and they say "oh man that's gotta suck!" my response is "actually I enjoyed just about every minute of it, beats the hell outta working as a secretary or something inside and boring and the money I made makes it even more worth it."

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