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we demoed from the same dealer as roberts for a small part of a day, and then a few later i got to mow with roberts 2009 grandstands.
i liked it very much, and i have been a die hard stander wright fan for years.

i have not purchased yet, but plan on very soon before the new year purchasing three 48 in 24hp models. the ground speed on the one i demoed was just as fast as the wright we used side by side. i think roberts is mal adjusted is all.

i really hope that the 2010 models have been debugged as we are making a switch to toro(already have two g3s) and are taking a gamble with a new mower vs one we are very used to./

i have a question for TORO< do the newest 48 in models have the newer deck linkages and lock like the ones on the 36in and 40in pictured on your website?

this is what i would want instead of old new stock if there is a vast improvment made there you know! thanks!
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