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yup, like these guys said, i worked every day till dark got to 7 days a week with that for quite some time when i was building up what my dad had started as a part time money maker. i liked the work, and the dedication was needed in order to really get it going before adding other people to work for you etc.

i loved it, but gradually as we have grown, i work less hours per week(although it is usually 50-65 depending on the time of year and weather. it used to be way more like you do i am sure.
not only do i work less, but i work less hard with more money comes better tools for the job.

i like what you are doing there, but the mulch job i am sure you know that it will wash. do they know that? were they on a budget and will add more later or what? i am in no means critisizing you, i am just getting info for conversation.
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