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Originally Posted by honeydopm View Post
Looks good but after a good rain most of that will prolly wash out judging by the slope.
it is steep but it should be pretty good I have done a decent amount of slopes like this and havent had any problems. Hopefully it will bind together over winter
Originally Posted by 93Chevy View Post
Nice improvement...better than before
yes deffinetly
Originally Posted by newjerseylandscaping View Post
you could make seriouse mula by offering to paint those railings looks good btw
not really People are not going to pay a bunch of money to have that done. If they asked I would have done it
Originally Posted by grassman177 View Post
yup, like these guys said, i worked every day till dark got to 7 days a week with that for quite some time when i was building up what my dad had started as a part time money maker. i liked the work, and the dedication was needed in order to really get it going before adding other people to work for you etc.

i loved it, but gradually as we have grown, i work less hours per week(although it is usually 50-65 depending on the time of year and weather. it used to be way more like you do i am sure.
not only do i work less, but i work less hard with more money comes better tools for the job.

i like what you are doing there, but the mulch job i am sure you know that it will wash. do they know that? were they on a budget and will add more later or what? i am in no means critisizing you, i am just getting info for conversation.
I really dont work a whole bunch but by no means do I start each day at 8 and am done at 4, just gets busy with classes etc. But in the spring and winter when its snowing I work a ton. I dont think it will wash a ton like I mentioned I do these a bunch and yes they were on a budget they are going to try and put the property up for sale so they wanted the front looking decent
Originally Posted by grassman177 View Post
i really like your hilll redo back in october in your post

that back hill and drain and lawn redo is a very nice job. is that all by yourself? if so, you worked your axx off on that one.
thanks yeah I did that big job in august/september. the drain was already there just added gravel. they have a spring or 2 up on the hill that causes alot of water to come done. that much has been holding besides some from me walking on it this wall trying to blow leaves and pine needles. No had a helper for that job-took about 2.5 days
Originally Posted by bobcat48 View Post
Looks good.nice job.i like it.
Originally Posted by newjerseylandscaping View Post
hey i like the hill, is there any wa you could have put drainage at the top to avoid erosion.
not really drainage would have to be at the bottom. I really would have liked to build a wall with a drain behind it but that was not happening

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