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good information about what you want to achieve can always help. I have not read Tanners program so I cannot tell you whether or not it is worth the 200 bucks. I think Tanner also wrote about a window washing company so maybe he is good about that too.

If this is the same guy from Christmas light university, I hope his videos speak for themselves. again, some good info there, but I think I remember his experience level being about 3-4 years in the texas area. while you may learn alot in this biz in 3-4 years, I am not so sure I was ready to write a book and do a video series at that point. and run a wholesale Christmas light business, and continue to install. even now, I may do some consulting one on one, I still find myself without the answers that others have questions about.

but the truth is, the big money in this business is not installing christmas lights, even if you have a big christmas light install business. the big money is made by the folks who sell christmas lights to folks that install.

do you really think Litesource was losing money on the c-9 bulbs they were selling for 9 cents each recently? I am guessing they were breaking even. imagine how many hundreds of thousands of bulbs they sell at the regular price.
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