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230 / 150

I found out through a friend the other night about 3 businesses which are going to consolidate and sell. The 3 businesses when put together would have about 230 clients. I believe about 4 or 5 employees. 85% of the lawns are under an acre in size. Most of the lawns are located within 3 towns which are all right next to eachother. There are about 30 or 40 which are located in about 2 or 3 other towns, which are not too far off. For the most part the companies are mow n' go. Not top of the line properties, while at the same time, no trailer parks. Lots of room for expansion with regards to landscaping and fert. My friend is the one who is going to be heading up the consolidation and sale from what I can tell. He is asking for roughly $150,000.00 no equipment though.

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