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NEW PRODUCTS! - LED Miniature Lamps that are designed to perform!

They have been a long time coming but finally we have a full line of LED Miniature Lamps that have been designed and engineered to meet the needs and requirements of the LV Outdoor Lighting Industry.

These new miniature LED lamps are available as:

Single Contact Bayonet - SCB
S8 Wedge (familiar to many Kichler and CAST contractors)
G5.3 BiPin
G4 BiPin
T5 Wedge

All of the new miniature LED lamps produce an omni-directional light output just like the incandescent lamps that they replace. They all employ robust heat sinks to keep the high output lamps running at optimal temperatures (whether installed in open or sealed fixtures). The internal drivers are full IC construction (no capacitors to fail prematurely) and are sealed inside the heat sink to protect them from moisture. The LEDs themselves are also sealed to their boards to minimize moisture issues.

These new Miniature LED Lamps will impress you with the sheer amount of high quality, warm white (3000K) light that they produce making them perfect candidates for replacing all of the halogen and xenon miniature lamps you have been using for years.

These are truly direct drop in replacement lamps that you can rely upon. A huge step forward in LED Lamp technology.
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