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Question NorthStar system from Northern Tool

I am wondering if anybody here has any experience with the NorthStar system that I see at Northern Tool. If so, then what can you tell me about it?

I know it does not have agitation and such. I know it is a beginner setup. I know agitation is best. But I know I can't afford more. I could easily build or buy a Star-Seal type of unit. I have read that argument.

However, in my opinion appearance matters. This unit certainly looks much more pro than a Tractor Supply water tank and I think it will help set me apart from the competition. When I make enough to buy a REAL NICE unit, then I will.

So then...who has experience with these units? They have a skid unit too, its the same...I would have to put it on my trailer. Maybe I could buy a welder and the parts for the trailer for the extra 1000 it costs to buy the trailer model. Lets hear it.

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