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Kubota seems to have the market on these little guys. The ditch witch and Komatsu versions are the same and lack the features the Kubota has. Another nice thing the 'bota has is the removable teeth on the bucket.

They are a very niche machine. They will not win you any work on the speed excavation side. At times you litterally bring up buckets that have less dirt in them then a shovel would. They are pretty slow with regards it is difficult to do more then one task at a time...such as extend the dipper as you dump the bucket. The power and hydraulics only seem to be able to handle one valve at a time, especially when the dirt gets hard. The other this is especially in hard dirt you always have to have the blade in front and on the ground or you lift your tail off the ground, essentially you are the counter weight. They can also be jerky for the less experienced operators (new anyway...a used one might be tired and not as jerky)

They do have their place though, they sure beat a shovel if you can justify them and work GREAT in tight places

here is the one my old company had ---

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