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Originally Posted by Lazer_Z View Post
What about the Bobcat 418? Wouldn't it fit into the "mini mini" category?
I think the 418 is a bit too small for me.

Interesting to see how much love the Tak is getting here.

I don't think that ZTS is that important to me. My biggest concern is getting between buildings, not necessarily digging close to them. My two main uses for this machine would be trenching (trying to keep trench width to 12" or less) and digging holes (3' x 3' x 2' deep), in really in-hospitable ground.

We have trenchers and guys with shovels. The issue I'm really trying to solve is dealing with horribly compacted ground and/or very gravelly sub-soils. Both of those conditions render our chain trencher useless and doesn't do much better for the guys with shovels.
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