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Originally Posted by Hollowellreid View Post
I honestly think I prefer the machine this size in standard swing size.

Really helps with stability on a a little one. The undercarriage can only be so wide and the counterweight helps. You can set some decent size rocks and such with the little 016 if you really need it to.

That being said, I would get whatever is the best price. Any TK, Deere, Hitachi, Kubota, Komatsu, Case etc would all be fine. I like the pin grabber for a coupler as you can turn the buckets around when needed which is neat. Also a basic thumb and a few buckets!
What's it take to change buckets on a mini-ex? I'm sure every company has a different set up, but in general, how hard and how much time does it take.

There's a TK016 coming up for local auction in a couple weeks and it has my interest...
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