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Originally Posted by ARGOS View Post
I was asked to quote a new HOA yesterday and was inspecting the site with the HOA management company. As is my normal habit I opened VB's as I walked the site. When I saw this box next to the controller I thought it was going to be a master valve or something. I was pleasantly surprised to see it being used as a junction box. I should leave the lid off for migrating birds.

Accidentally got a boot shot in there too.
look at the good and the bad from my standpoint:

1. lots of room to work in, i'm going to use jump wires anyhow.

2. easy access to earth grounding.

3. i can work several ways, to and from the controller and to the field.

4. you can see and hear better, you get plenty of fresh air.

5. i have the tools to work on this job without issues, wire sorters,TDR, stationmaster, lots of premade jumpwires ect.

the downside is:

1. from the looks,more than one person has worked on the system already

2. it's not a dry or shady place to work

3. it'll take awhile to get under control but the next person in the box will know where everything is going

i know it looks like a mess but it prolly ain't that bad
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